“I saw that some professed Sabbath keepers spend hours that are worse than thrown away, in studying this or that fashion to decorate the poor, mortal body. While you make yourselves appear like the world, and as beautiful as you can, remember that the same body may in a few days be food for worms. And while you adorn it to your taste, to please the eye, you are dying spiritually. . . . I saw that the outside appearance is an index to the heart. When the exterior is hung with ribbons, collars, and needless things, it plainly shows that the love for all this is in the heart; unless such persons are cleansed from their corruption, they can never see God, for only the pure in heart will see Him.” — Ibid, pp. 1134, 136.

“It is injurious to health, and, therefore, sin for females to wear tight corsets, or whalebone, or to compress the waist.” — How to Live, No. 6, p. 57.
“Many females drag down the bowels and hips by hanging heavy skirts upon them. These were not formed to sustain weights. . . . The female dress should be suspended from the shoulders.” — Ibid., p. 58.
“Should not the people of God, who are His peculiar treasure, seek even in their dress to glorify God? And should they not be examples in point of dress, and by their simple style rebuke the pride, vanity, and extravagance of worldly, pleasure-loving professors?”— Ibid., p. 58.
They should not, however, be “careless of their own apparel. . . . and dress without order and taste.” “Decency and neatness” are not to be classed “with pride.” — Ibid., pp. 58, 59.
“It would be pleasing to God if there was greater uniformity in dress among believers.” — Ibid., p. 58.
“The length of the fashionable female dress is objectionable for several reasons. . . . The dress should reach somewhat below the top of the boot; but should be short enough to clear the filth of the sidewalk and street, without being raised by the hand.” — Ibid., pp. 62-64.
“Whatever may be the length of the dress, females should clothe their limbs as thoroughly as the males. This may be done by wearing lined pants gathered into a band and fastened about the ankle, or made full and tapering at the bottom; and these should come down long enough to meet the shoe.” — Ibid., p. 64.
To those who might object to such a costume on the grounds that it would be old-fashioned, Mrs. White replied:

“What if it is? I wish we could be old-fashioned in many respects. If we could have the old-fashioned strength that characterized the old-fashioned women of past generations it would be very desirable.” — Ibid., p. 64.

She urged that womanhood should “manifest a noble independence, and moral courage to be right, if all the world differ from them.” — Ibid., pp. 61, 62.


“We shall never imitate Miss Dr. Austin or Mrs. Dr. York. They dress very much like men. We shall imitate or follow no fashion we have ever yet seen. We shall institute a fashion which will be both economical and healthful.” — Letter 1a, 1864

Deuteronomy 22:5.

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